Today is my 3 year anniversary with e-Rewards. If it were a year ago, I might have said it was a monumental waste of time. In fact, I did say that very thing to another member a year ago. Now that I’ve received a real $25 gift card for Starbucks, I’m singing a completely different tune.

e-Rewards Balance & Rewards

I’m going for the $50 one this time. 50 bucks worth of free coffee is more valuable than gold as far as I’m concerned.

What is e-Rewards, you ask? You fill out tons of demographic information and they email you surveys to complete almost daily. They can take as long as 30 mins. to finish, but whether you qualify to finish one or not you receive a little something for your trouble. e-Reward’s “money” isn’t real money. When it comes time to redeem you’re only getting 33 cents on the dollar. But if you qualify for 3-4 surveys a week, you hit those redemption goals surprisingly fast. Waiting for the bus… fill out a survey. Stuck in the doctor’s waiting room… fill out a survey. It’s more productive that putzing around on Facebook.

Since it’s been three years I don’t remember how I joined, but now it is strictly “by invitation only”. I know… that sucks. But don’t let it stop you! All you have to do is be willing to spread your email address around, thus opening yourself to a whole lot of mail to wade through. But beware, if you’re anything  like me and can’t stand that little red dot of unread emails, you could be opening yourself up for a whole lot of extra work.

For example, if you join Southwest Airline’s Rapid Rewards Email Update, you become eligible for an invite. But that’s just one. e-Rewards has many partner sites. Here’s a partial list:

e-Rewards Partners

Maybe GolfNow is listed twice because you’d have a better shot with them. *shrug*
So, look for any free membership sign-ups, preferably anything that outright mentions e-Rewards like Southwest does.

My main criticism of e-Rewards in the past has been their less than attractive, à la Publisher’s Clearinghouse, magazine offers. Who on earth reads Redbook??? Now at the $75 level I have a $25 iTunes gift card option too. That’s pretty choice stuff. They also offer airline/hotel club points and a not highly rated Restaurant. com gift card that I’m not interested in, but someone might find them useful.  As long as e-Rewards keeps me in free Frappuccinos, they have won a place in my heart.

Good luck!

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