Unclaimed Funds

Every once in a while you might see a post about unclaimed funds, then ignore it because you can’t possibly imagine how you could ever misplace money like that.

I though I had every dime accounted for. When you’re broke off your ass there’s no “Oh! I found $20 in my pocket!” when sorting laundry. Instead you’re raiding your change jar for every last quarter so your clothes can completely dry. But over the past 10 years I had a lot of stuff happen resulting in a lot of moves. Moves that can result in returned mail. Mail that could possibly contain checks.

Being the eternal pessimist, I expected no more than enough for a cup of coffee. Bodega coffee, not Starbuck’s. I enter my name on the NY State Comptroller’s website and voilà! I see my name listed with one of my old addresses. That quickly I know I have money owed to me… just not how much. I’m still thinking it’ll just be coffee money.

I submit my social security number for verification and promptly forget about the whole thing. A couple of weeks later I get mail from the State Comptroller’s office. I open it up while waiting for the elevator. I start laughing hysterically and the lobby attendant looks at me funny.

Hello 352 Venti Mochas.
Not talls… ventis, baby.

Let me help you help yourself.
If you live in NY state, click here to get started. It takes seconds of your time: New York State Comptroller – Unclaimed Funds

If you’ve moved from state-to-state, there’s no Federal level search, but this link comes as close as you’re going to get to one: Unclaimed.org
You can easily access all the individual state unclaimed funds sites from here.

15 bucks or 800 smackeroos… it’s your money! Go get it!

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