Piano Karaoke @ Sid Gold’s

This certainly isn’t free but if the struggle is real and you just need to get out of the house, you can have some of the most fun you’ve ever had for 60 bucks max.

Sid Gold’s Request Room in Chelsea – NYC, I’m gonna sound corny… is my home away from home. I started coming every week when I was flush with cash, but trying to make it last as long as I possibly could. I’m not one to pop bottles just because I got some jingle in my pockets.
Unlike Korea-Town karaoke, you’re not renting a whole room. Technically, you could come in off the street and not buy a single drink and get up to sing. I wouldn’t suggest it thought. As many times as I’ve sang in front of strangers, I still need a drink or two or three. Who am I kidding… four.

For $60 I can buy two double gin & tonics (well liquor of course), tip 20% and still have about $10 for tips to the pianist. The rule of thumb is to tip your accompanist 2-3 dollars per song. More if you want something that’s not on the list and they can actually play it, and pre-more if you want to cut the queue. It’s a pay to play world, baby. Nobody works for free.

Single Gin & Tonic
Single Gin & Tonic. Singing works up a thirst.

They have more sophisticated cocktail bar food (shrimp cocktail, crudités, paté… it’s fancy if it has a diacritic acute) and standard bar food (pizza, mac & cheese, fries). But I’m going to be honest, I usually can’t afford to eat here and hit the 99¢ pizza joint around the corner on 6th Avenue instead. I’m not the Broke-ass Socialite™ for nothing.

I suggest coming any day other than Friday or Saturday if you’re really trying to spend your allotted pianist tip money because you may find yourself drinking more than singing and drinkin’ is expensive. It gets crowded and the audience likes to chat more than listen. But you can make that work for you if you’re more interested in chatting than singing. I’ve met some very interesting people here. Sometimes Paul Simon drops in and I’m not there to sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” at him and then I’m sad. FOMO is a regular state of mind when in comes to Sid’s.

Super sweet duet… D’awwww!

So as soon as I get my tax return, you know where I’ll be.
C’mon IRS! I wanna sing!

Sid Gold’s Upcoming Events – Click “More>>” for the individual pianist’s song lists. I will never judge you for practicing a song before you come, wear a dress because you want to be fancy like a lounge singer… not like I’ve done that very thing. *ahem*


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