Class Action Lawsuit Settlements

America is a great and litigious nation. We operate on a few immutable truths. MTA is ATM backwards, that guy swinging his unused cane around like a 30’s gangster has a Comp case that pays him more money you make with your aching back, and if you get margarine rather than butter on your bagel, you can join a class-action suit for Dunkin’ Donuts customers who “ordered a baked product, such as a bagel, between June 24, 2012 and June 24, 2016″.

Ah yes… good ol’ class action lawsuits. I’ve filed for a few over the years and the most I would get was a couple of bucks. Usually not worth the time it took to fill out the contact information. But today I just received a $30.68 check for telemarketers using mobile phone numbers in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. I was basically paid for a robo-call going straight to voicemail. Gawd’bless ‘merica.

So far I’ve been going about this randomly. What I didn’t have was a virtual clearinghouse of class action lawsuits from all over the country in order to make these things worth my while. And finding out about suits after the fact helps no one. That got me Googling. I quickly found a site that’s one-stop shopping for all your petty lawsuit needs: Top Class Actions
Enough of the snark. ::whispers but i like the snark::  Most of these suits aren’t petty at all. The business were conducting questionable activities and were either too stupid or brazen to not get caught.

If you’re a consumer, you’ve most likely been taken advantage of by a company or two and not even known it. For example, if you’ve bought a new laptop, tablet or phone in the past couple of years, you probably qualify for a lithium-ion battery and a optical drive suit. Both groups of manufactures colluded in order to gouge the end user… you. So you’re not getting something for nothing. These manufactures thought they were going to charge you a “stupid tax” and were found out. There are many more that will get away with your hard earned money scot-free so don’t worry about the ones you catch.

No one likes to be ripped off. Go get your money back.

Top Class Actions – Open Class Action Lawsuit Settlements


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