LinkNYC is about the best thing that Mayor di Blasio has ever done or may ever do in life. I’m serious. It’s amazing. They’re slowly replacing old, seldom used telephone booths all around the city with these cool, futuristic kiosks. They provide free high-speed internet, free phone calls & charging, city services like 311, a 911 button, maps, directions… I mean what else can you want?!?

Camped in front of a kiosk

The implementation was a little dubious though. Homeless guys were using it to watch porn. But after putting in a basic firewall that libraries use (duh!), I’ve seen fewer dudes camped out in front of them on milk crates. Honestly I was waiting for them to start shaking down tourists for phone charging.

The speed is incredible! If you live within range of a kiosk, cancel your home internet you lucky bastard! Now, the caveat is that LinkNYC is zero secure so you will need a good VPN, or just don’t make any purchases or do anything that transmits your private information. I made that mistake once in Starbucks. Bought something and within weeks someone was trying to buy a refrigerator with my $5 account balance.

Speed Test

I recently canceled my internet with Spectrum… you can clearly see why. Spectrum shouldn’t even be giving that kind of speed away for free. Imagine paying $50 a month for it. Grrrrr….
It’s even head over heels better than the wi-fi at the Upper West Side Apple store. A backup that was going to take 2-3 hours on their wi-fi… 5 MINUTES on the LinkNYC kiosk just outside. I think I converted the greeter upstairs. I’m now like some kind of LinkNYC evangelist. I’m uploading 53 minutes of video onto YouTube in just three minutes! This is how the whole world should operate!

I really need to thank my local Starbucks barista for hipping me to the jive. I was running out of time updating all my electronics to iOS 11 on their wi-fi, and he told me I would be much better off with the LinkNYC kiosk right in front of the store. So now when I spend my next $50 Starbucks card from e-Rewards, I’m using LinkNYC instead!

For more info and a location near you, click: LinkNYC

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