Paid Focus Groups

Normally I like to have used a service or site before writing about it, but if I wait for that to happen with these Paid Focus Groups, we may all die of old age. And after my experience, you can determine if you want to waste your time or not.

I started with Focus Pointe Global. It’s mostly focus groups on health care and diseases I don’t have. Then the stuff I may qualify for, all you earn are “Online Focus Pointes” aka “not cash”. It’s the same reason that I didn’t mess with Harris Poll Online beyond the registration (which reminds me, I need to cancel that). I want cash or close cash equivalents. 100 “pointes” equaling $1, when most groups only pay out 150 “pointes” and I have to do most of them in person… um no. e-Rewards, which I covered in my very first blog post, pays 33 cents on the dollar. But the major difference is that the time commitment is minimal and completely at your convenience. Face-to-face interviews can eat up your time.
The whole thing is moot anyway if I never qualify, and I never qualify. The worst part is that you take the screener survey and they collect so much demographic information upfront only to deny you. I guarantee you that they use all that data. So it’s a constant tease with zero pay off. Not Broke-ass Approved™.

My last hope is User Interviews. Now, if I thought I didn’t qualify for anything before! This is extremely niche.

“Women Who Go Commando While Working Out – $40/30mins. – conducted online”

Dead serious. This is an actual focus group. Some of the tamer ones look for chefs who work in an open kitchen, Real-estate agents and their experiences with specific programs, people who listen to live music (!!!! I was too old for that one!!!)… it’s all over the place! If I do get one, the payouts look to be much better than all the others as far as being appropriately compensated for the time commitment.
Wish me luck! If I get one I’ll let you know how it went. And I’m not going commando to do it!

Focus Pointe Global
Harris Poll Online
User Interviews


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