My Broke-ass Needs a Job

I tried to dedicate myself to completing my degree as fast as possible with no income. Well, that was overly optimistic.

I thought working full-time at the Post Office and going to school full-time was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Ha! I almost went postal there, yet it had nothing on the stress of going in and out of Housing Court, near constant HRA appointments, and praying for Section 8.

Constantly having the Damocles’ Sword of Brokattuide hanging over your neck brings a whole new dimension of desperation to a failing group project. Budgeting the luxury of home internet vs. being able to do laundry every month during a massive research project, is stress my fragile psyche really couldn’t handle.

So I’m forced to put my education simmering on the back burner while I figure out how to thread the needle of getting enough income to make this bearable, but not enter that black hole where you can’t afford to live, yet make too much to qualify for any help. The Working Poor get no breaks.

I’ve worked in Transportation for over 15 years. My license issues aside, I can’t drive full-time safely if I’m going to go to school full-time. I’ve quit a job because I was experiencing micro-sleeps. I’m never doing that again. It was terrifying. That leaves me with what retail experience I left off with in the 90s. Ugh. My resume looks like inconsistent garbage.

I did manage to get one callback and an interview. I pretty much out managed the brand spanking new manager that interviewed me. Rule #1: Don’t show up your potential boss.

I’m now pinning all my hopes on working at an Apple Store this Christmas. Every time I go there there’s at least 5 people working there who are 20+ years older than me, so I’m not afraid that I’ll be “over qualified” aka “too old” for the job. My only knowledge gap is with Macs because I’m fully versed in the iPhone & iPad. They appear to have excellent training so I’m confident I’ll be able to walk people through every device and platform.

So please light a candle to Saints Vidicon & Isidore for me! I need all the brujeria help I can get.


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