And the Money Starts Flowing In…

After you put in the effort, money starts coming in left and right.

October really started to pay dividends. In a single day I got paid for a Surkus event – $10, an Apple anti-trust settlement Amazon credit for $8.94, a completed User Interviews telephone interview Amazon gift card – $15, and a $20 Amazon gift card for completing a survey from my school. Amazon gift cards/credits aren’t cold hard cash, but if you use Amazon as much as I do, it’s easily spent. I bought a cooling mattress cover. Much needed and way out of my budget. Nothing is more important than good sleep. Nothing.

I also earned another $50 Starbucks gift card from e-Rewards in October. The majority of the work is keeping up with the e-Rewards surveys. I’m starting to find them a bit tedious. Recently I’ve been going through 5 surveys before completing one. Then you can only do two surveys a day. On a bad day you can earn as little as 3 bucks in e-Reward dollars. Since I dumped my Internet, I’ve been in Starbucks more than I’ve ever been in my life, so I’m killing cards way before I can earn new ones. What I’m going to have to do is go back to my old scam. I bought a Starbucks refillable cup a while ago. I make coffee or tea at home and bring it with me. Much cheaper! I felt weird about it at first but honestly, no one there cares.
But note, you earn bonus points with these Starbucks purchases. So just before killing my last card, I earned a free beverage (any size) or food item. Came in handy as I write this.

The T-Mobil Tuesdays app has also been helpful. For 2 weeks straight they’ve offered $2 gift cards for Dunkin Donuts. I already had a balance from a reward from the CUNY Edge program at Borough of Manhattan Community College. There are lots of perks like that at school. They have an outreach budget and they do try to use it. The T-Mobil Tuesdays app is really good for free/very low-cost movie tickets as well. If you have T-Mobile, it’s worth your time.

So I just need to buckle down and do 2 surveys everyday in order to make November as much of a success.


User Interviews


T-Mobile Tuesdays app

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