Play Trivia for Cash

Leo… Thanks for hooking a sistah up!

If you’re like me and enjoy heckling the contestants on Jeopardy, yet you know damn well that under pressure you would fold like origami… HQ – The Live Trivia Game Show is your chance to prove your mettle.

Brought to you by the people behind my much missed Vine, every weekday at 3pm and 9pm (only 9pm on weekends) you have a chance to win cash prizes. The larger pots, up to $2,000, are generally on the weekends. The winnings are split between multiple people, so the take may be just a couple of bucks per winner. One guy won the entire thing one night. As they get more/bigger sponsors, I expect the pots to grow. FYI, it’s only for iOS, for now.

You have to complete 12 rounds of multiple-choice questions within 10 seconds per round. If you get one wrong, you’re eliminated unless you get extra lives by sharing your referral code. Use mine: woodcider Thanks! I need it because I didn’t make it past the fifth question about how long Kiehl’s has been in business. *shrug*
Since the answer is between three choices, you’d think it would be a breeze. Nope, you have to know your stuff. The very next question stumped me as well.

The app pays out once you accumulate $20 in winnings via PayPal. Neat! It’s free to play, and so far there aren’t any annoying ads. I do find the chat a little distracting, which I think is purposeful. But I’m a cynic. Below is the halfway point question and only 1,569 people were left out of maybe 30,000. It gets whittled down fast so the pots stay worthwhile.

See? That chat is distracting!

So remember, my referral code is woodcider. Have fun! No whammies, no whammies, no whammies!

4 Replies to “Play Trivia for Cash”

  1. It is a pyramid scheme – the questions are damned near impossible to get through, but you get ‘free lives’ so long as you bring in more people. Who provide their email address linked to their phone number. Call me suspicious.


    1. I’ve been playing for a while. I can’t see how it’s a pyramid scam. You don’t put any money in. But now that it’s regularly garnering over 1 million players in the 9pm game, the winnings are ridiculously small. So cashing out is harder, though not impossible. I think they plan on upping the questions to 15 very soon.


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