I Gotta Ibotta!

If you’re anything like me, you want to coupon but it frankly takes too much effort, and your Inner Lazy Bastard regularly defeats your Inner Cheap Bastard:

Well, it can’t be easier to save at most of your favorite retailers (on and off-line) than with Ibotta. If you use my referral code you’ll get a $10 bonus and I’ll get one too: Ibotta.com – momuwfk
Cash money. Sweet no?

It’s super simple to use. Use the search for your favorite, most used retailers. Clothing, drug stores, supermarkets, restaurants and bars (BARS!!!). The list is surprisingly extensive. Once you make a qualifying purchase, keep your receipt and scan it into the app. You can also link your loyalty cards and make direct in-app purchases that will be automatically applied to your account. Once you accumulate $20 in savings you can draw the cash out via PayPal or Venmo. Don’t have one of those accounts (you should!) you can also redeem your savings with featured gift cards.

Most of the offers are for specific items, other times it’s money back for generic purchases like any brand of eggs or milk, or for an entire purchase. Just check off any offers that catch your eye and then submit the receipt before the offer expires. You can do on the bus on your way back from the store, during commercials on your couch, or in bed. Easy peasy.

I only shopped at CVS 3 times and have $1.50 in my new account. I’d have more if my tiny CVS carried more products. I was not going to find capers there that’s for sure.

I see that some of my friends already have Ibotta accounts. They should have put me onto this long time ago! So, I’m going to do you a solid. Here’s my referral code again and Happy New Year!

Ibotta.com – momuwfk

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