NYC on the Cheap

NYC on the Cheap is what I want to be when I grown up. Do yourself a favor and sign up for their newsletter. They have movie preview giveaways and information to tons of info to free events all over the city. Their most recent ticket giveaways have been for Annihilation and the Bruce Wills …

Utilizing Rain Checks for Grocery Shopping

It never hurts to ask!


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Yesterday, for the first time, I went to customer service at my local grocery store and asked for a rain check. I have never done this and didn’t even know it was still a thing some stores do until someone talked about it in my couponing group. Rain checks are still a thing so how and when do I ask or use them?

Typically in my shopping adventures, if the store is out of something on sale then I won’t worry about it. This week was a different story because I went to Shoprite twice for my Creamate French Vanilla creamer and they were out. The creamer was on sale for $1.66 so I wanted to stock up on it because I go through creamer now that I am back to drinking coffee everyday.

With my coffee, I am a creature of habit either French Vanilla or Pumpkin Spice (I…

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New Year… New Me… Pay Me!

There's a spate of new fitness apps that dangle cash and prizes as motivation to do what you should be doing anyway. I am inertia personified, so I'm not going to knock anything that gets me off my ass. There are apps that really put the fiscal screws to you in the form of straight …