NYC on the Cheap

NYC on the Cheap is what I want to be when I grown up.

Do yourself a favor and sign up for their newsletter. They have movie preview giveaways and information to tons of info to free events all over the city. Their most recent ticket giveaways have been for Annihilation and the Bruce Wills remake of Death Wish. There may be some tickets left for Death Wish by the time this goes live:Death Wish Preview Screening Ticket Giveaway.

There’s a system to getting into these Preview Screenings. I learned this the hard way with Annihilation. First of all, it’s first come/first serve. Your ticket does not guarantee you a seat. They always overbook these things to make sure it’s fully attended. So getting there an hour-plus early isn’t a bad idea. They only give out passes if the entire party is present, so your friend better be there by the time you get to the Check In table. If you get there late, you will be subject to the Gatekeeper Syndrome… aka “I have a clipboard so I’m important” Disease. Don’t bother arguing with them, or like the woman in front of me, don’t insist that you’re a VIP and/or a member of the press because you will not be on the list and you will just embarrass yourself.

I really want to find out how NYC on the Cheap gets these passes because it’s exactly what I want to offer you guys. Maybe I’ll pull up my big girl panties and ask. The worst thing they could do is tell me no. Wish me luck!


NYC on the Cheap


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