Goldstar! Goldstar!

Goldstar is a wonderful app/site. It’s an aggregate discount site for concerts, plays, comedy, dinner cruises, open bar DJ sets…. tons of stuff. The discounts are in the 50% range for the most part. A great deal. Then there’s the Comp Train.
Comp as in Complementary as in FREE! There is a service fee of $8, but pshaw… that’s nothing.

The best show I got comp’d for was Neil Brennan’s 3 Mics. It’s still on Netflix if you’re interested. It’s excellent.
Now here’s the thing… Comp seats are shitty seats. Depending on the venue you’re either in the nosebleeds or you have a painfully obstructed view. At the Lynn Redgrave Theater it was the latter. Now here’s the other thing… If you’re a lucky bastard like I am, you’ll get moved. I routinely get moved to close up gaps. It happens so much, I’ve come to expect it. In this case, I was moved from sitting directly in front of a pillar to third row, center. All for that meager $8 service fee.

I’ve used Goldstar to see the Rodeo at MSG, Mozart at Carnegie Hall, and a Mets game (they lost of course). If I wasn’t single, I would have tried one of the dinner cruises by now, but I do have my eye on one of the Happy Hour cruises. I just need the weather to warm up a bit. Use my link and join for regular updates of new events: Goldstar Signup.



Neil Brennan’s 3 Mics – Netflix


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