Amazon Prime Discount Programs

If Amazon Prime at $99 per year is out of your grasp, there are some alternative programs for us poor people.

There’s Amazon Prime Student, but that ship may have sailed for most of you. But did you know that there’s a discount for anyone on Medicaid or with an EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) card??? You can receive a 45% discount of $5.99/month opposed to the $10.99/month regular fee with Amazon Prime for EBT & Medicaid Card Recipients.

The discount has to be renewed every year, for up to 4 years, and from what I gather, will default to the monthly option rather than annual if you don’t already have an annually billed Prime account. If you do, the difference will be refunded back to you. These same restrictions and prorating applies to Prime Student as well.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon started taking Food Stamps last year for grocery items, but if you add the discounted Prime membership with the additional non-discounted $14.99/month Prime Fresh membership, you’re paying $185.87 a year for the privilege. Prime Now is the free option for groceries, but perhaps too limited compared to Fresh.

Either way, using Amazon Prime for groceries still can’t beat the sales at my local Western Beef. But Prime is a fantastic value for nearly everything else. You still get the movies, exclusive programming, free photo storage, music streaming, and free two-day shipping with the discounted program.

The free movies makes cutting the cord bearable and the free shipping saves time and carfare. There’s a reason why Amazon is killing all competition, folks. If they can get us broke-asses to join, they’ll conquer the world.


Amazon Prime – Medicaid/EBT Discount Program
Amazon Prime Student
Amazon Fresh
Amazon Now


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