I’m an Influenster!

I just found another site to feed my compulsive need to share my opinions with the world. As a long-time Yelper, you’d think I’d be embarrassed about it by now, but nope.

Influenster is a site/app that allows you to review a huge variety of products and services… Home, Beauty, Travel, Media… Actually, I don’t know what you can’t review. I got into it in order to get in the running for a VoxBox: that’s a monthly box of free full-sized items to try and review. With my sporadic use of the app, I’m not holding my breath for that. But I did manage to hit paydirt anyway!

I received an email for a pop-up product launch here in NYC for Sunday Riley’s new foundation partnership with Influenster. Here’s the thing… I’ve been watching makeup tutorials religiously this year, trying to get better at something I wear almost daily. My drug store brand, Revlon ColorStay just doesn’t cut it anymore because I know I can get better a better color match elsewhere. So I’ve been hitting Sephora, Ulta, E.L.F practically begging someone to properly color match me. Then here comes Kismet plopping this right into my lap. I RSVP’d immediately.

I get to the location and see this:

I almost turned right back around but figured what the hell, if the line was really slow I could always cut my losses. But it started moving and they started handing out wristbands that would insure that I would actually get in. I’m so glad I stayed.

First of all, they had shades darker than tan (!), professional color matching (!!), free liquor (!!!), and FREE FULL-SIZED PRODUCT (!!!!!).

You know I took two. I may not have to buy foundation for the rest of this year. Tomorrow starts my first day of wearing a full face, so we’ll see how lucky I truly am.

So if reviewing is a part-time passion that you do without shame, click my referral link and join: Influenster. Maybe you’ll see me holding down the bar at the next event!


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