Free Movie Premiers

What if I told you that not only could you see free movies, but that you could see them before anyone else?!?

I have to thank NYC on the Cheap for this freebie. They regularly offer access to these types of events. Something I have been hoping to offer here. Because of them I ended up signing up with some direct sources.

Warner Bros. Pictures has their own site, but you’re restricted to Warner Bros. movies only, of course. And that’s why they don’t come up all that regularly. Their most recent offerings have been “Rampage” with Dwayne Johnson (which I missed) and “Life of the Party” with Melissa McCarthy.
Other studios have similar screening sites as well: &‘s mailing list. is more of a mixed bag of film companies so these premiers come up more frequently. “Annihilation” & “Death Wish” were the only ones I was remotely interested in though, so I can’t recommend the selection much. Now, I didn’t get in to see either of those because of a reason that may put you off of this whole thing…

The biggest caveat to these premiers is that you MUST get there at least 1 hour early… maybe 2. It’s first-come/first-serve and they always overbook these things, so your pass will not guarantee you a seat. I’ve seen people hold seats for their friends, but I don’t know how well they police that on the whole. Going by yourself helps when trying to get a decent seat. There’s always a single seat left in a good row without too much worry. Also none of these premiers seem to take place on the weekend. Most start at 7 pm (which means you have to get in line before 6), but some start as early as 1 pm. Not easy for most people to make during a work week.

Surkus also offers movie premiers, most of which you get paid $5 for. But here’s the catch… they make you work for it. The first one I went to was more of a test audience screening. We had to fill out an extensive survey at the end. The worse part was that phones were not allowed. They confiscated our phones, put them in a bin and gave us a ticket. Retrieving my phone was a nerve racking experience. It wasn’t nearly as organized as it should have been.
I just saw “Skyscraper” with Dwayne Johnson thru Surkus and the same ‘no phone’ thing was mentioned but thankfully not enforced. Great big summer popcorn movie by the way. Pretty sweet to have gotten paid to see it.

So, if you don’t mind standing in a long line and you’re available during the week, sign up, fill a bag with your own snacks and enjoy!

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