Free Samples

I think when you’re okay with getting mayonnaise samples in the mail in the summer, you may have a problem.

Freebies in Your Mail is my jam. It’s web design leaves a lot to be desired, but they provide content almost daily. I honestly don’t know my success rate because it takes some of these samples so long to ship that they’re always a complete surprise. And definitely don’t use your primary email address for these. God only knows what mailing lists I’m on now with my addy.
It also helps to have a burner phone number for some of the offers as well. A Google Voice number is perfect for giving out to random companies that you don’t want to ever hear from. If you run into trouble finding an available number for your area, try searching by area code.

I’ve had the most success with They’re responsible for the questionable mayonnaise. Once a month on Sample Tuesday at noon, you get to submit a request for a Pinchme Box. I’ve only received an actual box once. Most of the time I only have a single offer available. I end up getting most of the box anyway, just not all at once. The samples are mostly beauty related, but there’s a lot of food as well. Hot Skittles was a strange one. Something I would never have bought without having tried first… which is the whole point.

Pinchme Box

I’ve given up on ever getting a box from Influenster. I think it requires more work than I’m willing to put in. I’ve left reviews for random products, and participated in a couple of threads, even answered some product questions, but obviously it’s not enough. That or my Influenster rating is too low. Having more people subscribe to my blog would boost my rating… I’m just sayin’…
But it’s not all for naught. One of the best events I’ve ever been to was Infulenster’s Sunday Riley foundation launch. I loved it so much I’m posting about it again! (I’m an Influenster!) Professional color matching, free full-sized foundation, other facial samples, and AN OPEN BAR! If I can get into another event like it, it would be totally worth not being in the running for a box.

There are tons of other sites out there but these are just the few that I can manage to keep up with. If you find a site that works for you, please comment below and let me know!



Freebies in Your Mail

Google Voice

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