Eyeglasses – Reduce/Reuse/Recycle

Thank God I’m an unrepentant hoarder. I’ve kept a pair of my all time favorite pair of glasses for years in hopes of replacing the lenses for a reasonable price. Why I still have 3 other pairs is beyond me.

My all-time favorite frames. So old, I was still in braces.

I tried to get the lenses replaced once, but my insurance wouldn’t cover it and it was just cheaper to buy new. The problem is that I never found frames that fit as well or that were as flattering. I have a big head and my brand new Warby Parkers simply don’t fit right. They make my eyes sweat so when I get overheated I look like I’m crying.
Plus it’s such a waste to throw out perfectly good frames. Especially ones you love.

In steps Lensabl FTW. They replace the lenses of your existing frames for the base price of $77. If you click the link, you’ll get 20% off. My order totaled $61.60. Well within my budget.

First, you choose your lenses. They have a selection of coatings and thicknesses. You can even splurge for real glass! Then you input your current prescription. I especially like how they measure your pupillary distance. You submit a selfie of yourself holding a credit card under your nose. They even have a payment plan to help spread out the cost into reasonable bites.

Now I wait for the free shipping box to send my old frames in. You have the option to print your own free shipping label if you already have secure packaging and don’t want to wait. I’ve gotten a little better about the hoarding because in the past I would still have the box my Warby Parker’s were shipped in for absolutely no reason. Well… this would have been the perfect reason. See?!? That’s why it’s such a compulsion!

I wanted to donate the other three frames I have to those in need, but then I read this NY Times article: Donations for Eyeglasses in Poor Nations Are Better Than Recycling Used Pairs, which states that out of a test sample of 275 donated glasses, only 7% were usable. And the cost of processing that 7% at $20 a pair, was double what it would cost for a new pair.
So, I’m going put my remaining old glasses into my regular recyclables and make a direct donation to VisionSpring. One person in need gets a pair of glasses for every $5 donated. That’s an even better rate of return than what the study cites.

So if you’re in need of new glasses, just click the Lensabl link below to get your 20% off, and in the spirit of full transparency, it’ll get me a $25 referral as well. I thank you in advance!



Donations for Eyeglasses in Poor Nations Are Better Than Recycling Used Pairs


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