Sample Box Success!!!

I’ve posted about Influenster and PinchMe before (Free Samples). It took a bit, but they have started to show some consistent dividends.

June 2019 PinchMe Box
June 2019 PinchMe Box

PinchMe has provided the most bounty. With 4 full boxes and other smaller shipments, I’ve received 27 samples in all within about one year. Not too shabby.
I haven’t been as consistent about reviewing the samples as I should and is probably why I wasn’t getting boxes like I could have been. I’m just now getting around to using the Pacha Almond Goat’s Milk soap. It’s wonderful but now I can’t review it. But since I’ve started to be more disciplined about reviewing, I’ve been getting some pretty nice full-sized samples.

PinchMe has a Sample Tuesday once a month. Usually at noon, first come first served. They do go quick so put it in your calendar and set an alarm as soon as you get a date. Some boxes take longer to get than others. I still have some samples pending with no idea when and if they will ship. You have to have patience in this game.

Free Campo Viejo Rosé & My First VoxBox!
Free Campo Viejo Rosé & My First VoxBox!

I finally got a VoxBox! And even better, I got a whole bottle of Campo Viejo Brut Rosé for free!

Influenster has started doing cash back offers. I had a smooth experience with the qualifying steps. Others did not. Despite having submitted my receipt a full week later than some, I was still able to win one of the 400 VoxBoxes. The only problem is that I’ve already drunk the rosé, and I’m not buying another bottle on my dime in order to make an Instagramable punch. This lack of commitment on my part is probably why I don’t receive VoxBoxes. People took pictures of their rosé filled glasses poolside… with charcuterie plates . I can’t compete with that!

So, now that you’ve seen that this free sample thing actually works, if you’re interested, feel free to use my referral links below to sign up.




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