The Joys of the Film Society of Lincoln Center

The Film Society of Lincoln Center is a godsend for my broke-ass. So many free talks and inexpensive events.

The free talks seem to have dropped off a bit, or else I’m just missing them on Facebook. They’re usually for new or upcoming films where you get to see the trailer and then the director talks about it. I have an entire YouTube channel dedicated to these. I was upfront and center (well stage right really) for Jon Favreau, Nicolas Winding Refn in his cute short pants, and De Palma. 100% free and they never seem to reach full capacity.

The best bang for your buck is with the full film talks. For less than a ticket to an AMC or Regal, you not only get to see a film but you get to see the director & cast, and ask them questions.
The first one I attended was a double feature of Gravity (3D) and Children of Men. The ticket had to be about $18 (+ fees). Those aren’t typical Manhattan prices for a single movie yet alone two. We had just had a snow storm so Alfonso Cuarón was Skype’d in. Still worth it. My second, and by far the best, was Straight Outta Compton. It had already been out in theaters for a while but I’m so glad I waited. My $18 not only got me the film but F.Gary Gray, O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Ice Cube less than 15 feet away. That talk I recorded in full. You can watch it here: Film Q&As Channel.

Also on that YouTube playlist is a talk after viewing I Saw the Light with Tom Hiddleston & Wrenn Schmidt. It’s my most viewed YouTube video ever! This was at the Angelica and cost the same as any film in Manhattan, so it’s not really Broke-ass Approved® but it was worth every dime.

So if you’re a film buff and want to go live and in-depth on the cheap, follow The Film Society of Lincoln Center on Facebook for regular updates to events and showings. Now that I’m back in school, I’m going to carefully consider getting a membership. So much better than Netflix!


The Film Society of Lincoln Center

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