Sample Box Success!!!

I've posted about Influenster and PinchMe before (Free Samples). It took a bit, but they have started to show some consistent dividends. PinchMe has provided the most bounty. With 4 full boxes and other smaller shipments, I've received 27 samples in all within about one year. Not too shabby. I haven't been as consistent about reviewing …

You Can Make Money By Reading This Post

It's always wonderful when people give you money to do something you're already doing for free. I bet you were just on your phone right now, shortening the life of your lithium battery, with nothing to show for it. If you do what I've just done, we'll both earn $100 bucks in a year's time. …

Free Museum Admissions

Getting cultured can be expensive. But you don't need to go to a fancy finishing school to get it done. There are quite a few ways to get DIY culture for free. Some don't even require you to be a resident. The newest program is the Culture Pass. All you need is a New York …

Eyeglasses – Reduce/Reuse/Recycle

Thank God I'm an unrepentant hoarder. I've kept a pair of my all time favorite pair of glasses for years in hopes of replacing the lenses for a reasonable price. Why I still have 3 other pairs is beyond me. I tried to get the lenses replaced once, but my insurance wouldn't cover it and …

My Misadventures in Paid Research

I've been drawn to depression research studies in some hope that I'll get in in the ground level of some breaking research that changes the whole approach to treating depression. Something awesome like Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. I would do anything to get on a study for that! Instead I get the home visit nurse from …

Membership Has Its Privileges

I've gotten so much free stuff from Yelp (and a bit from Google) that it's still blowing my mind. Yelp gets a lot of crap basically because too many people use it wrong. It's about sharing experiences, not enacting revenge. It's about meeting new people, not getting free drinks... not that free drinks are ever …

Free Samples

I think when you're okay with getting mayonnaise samples in the mail in the summer, you may have a problem. Freebies in Your Mail is my jam. It's web design leaves a lot to be desired, but they provide content almost daily. I honestly don't know my success rate because it takes some of these …

NYU Dental Saved My Social Life

Zoom Whitening @ NYU Dental

No culture is fixated on teeth as much as Americans are. We will spend thousands of dollars for the perfect smile without blinking an eye. And if you weren't graced with a perfect smile naturally, you will become a social pariah if you can't come up with the dough. I had congenitally missing eye teeth. …

Future-proof Your Phone

If you're anything like me, with an income that goes up and down like the tide, there are ways to avoid getting priced out of the phone you so desperately need: Buy the Phone Outright - There's nothing more anxiety producing than trying to pay not only for your plan, but the never ending installments …

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